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The gardener’s badge story

The gardener’s badge story

A landscape gardener ran a business that had been in the family for two or three generations. The staff were happy, and customers loved to visit the store, or to have the staff work on their gardens or make deliveries – anything from bedding plants to ride-on mowers.

For as long as anyone could remember, the current owner and previous generations of owners were extremely positive happy people.
Most folk assumed it was because they ran a successful business.
In fact it was the other way around…

A tradition in the business was that the owner always wore a big lapel badge, saying Business Is Great!

The business was indeed generally great, although it went through tough times like any other. What never changed however was the owner’s attitude, and the badge saying Business Is Great!

Everyone who saw the badge for the first time invariably asked, “What’s so great about business?” Sometimes people would also comment that their own business was miserable, or even that they personally were miserable or stressed.  Anyhow, the Business Is Great! Badge always tended to start a conversation, which typically involved the owner talking about lots of positive aspects of business and work, for example:
• The pleasure of meeting and talking with different people every day
• The reward that comes from helping staff take on new challenges and experiences
• The fun and laughter in a relaxed and healthy work environment
• The fascination in the work itself, and in the other people’s work and businesses
• The great feeling when you finish a job and do it to the best of your capabilities
• The new things you learn every day – even without looking to do so
• And the thought that everyone in business is blessed –

Because there are many millions of people who would swap their own situation to have the same opportunities of doing a productive meaningful job, in a civilized well-fed country, where we have no real worries.

And so the list went on. And no matter how miserable a person was, they’d usually end up feeling a lot happier after just a couple of minutes listening to all this infectious enthusiasm and positivism. It is impossible to quantify or measure attitude like this, but to one extent or another it’s probably a self-fulfilling prophecy, on which point, if asked about the badge in a quiet moment, the business owner would confide:

“The badge came first. The great business followed.”

CMD Collaborates with Kaiste Ventures Limited to Fight Quackery

CMD Collaborates with Kaiste Ventures Limited to Fight Quackery

The Centre for Management Development (CMD) is working with Kaiste Ventures Limited (the publishers of towards ensuring only duly accredited training institutions / firms practice in Nigeria. One of the ways CMD intends to achieve this is by ensuring intending trainees or organizations wishing to send their staff for training have unfettered access to the list and training programmes of accredited training institutions / firms in Nigeria.

Under the terms of the collaboration, Kaiste Ventures Limited is to update the full list and addresses of all Centre for Management Development Accredited Management training institution / firms in Nigeria and upload them on the Portal.

The list of accredited management training institutions was released to Kaiste Ventures Limited for the purpose of contacting and inviting the institutions to avail themselves of the opportunity of free publicity of their training programmes on the Nigerian Seminars and portal.

Organizations already on the portal and not yet accredited would be given a time frame by which they will be accredited or be dropped from the portal. Organizations that have already initiated the accreditation process will be allowed to continue to enjoy the free service.

The management of Kaiste Ventures Limited believes strongly that this relationship with CMD is an important step towards ensuring the quality of service offered visitors and subscribers to the Nigerian Seminars and portal is at par with internationally accepted standards as subscribers can now confirm the status of training providers and have the assurance that comes with the CMD accreditation.

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